Beyond Sight Paranormal

Death is perhaps the greatest mystery to human beings. We have always been fascinated by it and what happens to us after death.

The Spirit World is more complex than what we think. It consists of unseen realities that we do not fully encounter nor understand until after death.

Our professional team of Investigators, investigate paranormal activity across the world. We attempt to collect evidence supporting the existence of the spirit world.

Together with our Investigators, we have Mediums, Sensitives, empaths equipped with the latest scientific paranormal equipment, assisting in captures of the paranormal phenomena. 

Beyond Sight World offers members of the public the chance to experience a real ghost tour or paranormal investigation for themselves, where everything that happens is real with no tricks, stunts or play acting.

Ghost Hunt with PI's from BSW
We do not pretend to know everything about paranormal phenomena but together, we hope to learn more about this unseen dimension. We do not claim to be experts in the field of the paranormal, as no experts exist when it comes to the supernatural, no matter what anyone may claim or who may claim to be one. We are instead working to present an image of competent researchers who are collecting the most authentic evidence possible of any afterlife. 
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